Target Directives:

  • Strengthening the Communities by Empowering Families to Build Wealth.

  • Implement initiatives to incubate and stabilize financial wellness of families.

  • Provide below market financing to reduce cost of money to offset poverty.

  • Banking Alliance with cross-cultural implications.

  • Development and/or Renovate Healthy Affordable Housing.

  • Implement programs to offset plight that was caused by sub-prime and predatory lending practices.

  • Partner and collaborate with various community and faith based organizations in economic development projects.

  • Implementation of risk minimizing programs to strengthen products and portfolios.

  • Portfolio and service loan products and use earnings to support operations and budgets.

  • Implement a state of the art user-friendly web based virtual budgeting program.

  • Implement safe user-friendly savings and investment tools.


Equal Opportunity LenderEqual Housing Opportunity