Hardship Fund:

The Hardship Fund was created to minimize the impact of unforeseen catastrophe's that tend deteriorate a family's financial position. The fund is a gratitude loan/grant fund that allows a family to use one time per year in the event of a major hardship.

The fund has no repayment plan or term with the exception of a nine (9) month maturity date.  It allows participants of the Family Stabilization Plan to partake of the fund only in remote situations. When they have built up savings and stability they would sow into the fund. It is hoped that this fund will discourage the use of the new wave of pay-day loans and other predatory lending products that have been on the rise in recent months.

The Hardship Fund provides families that have gone through an unforeseen incident or catastrophe that causes financial strain on the family temporary relief until they are back on their feet.

The fund provides a one (1) time interest free benevolence loan of up to $4,000 to qualifying families. The loan has very flexible repayment terms and will only be repaid at such time that it will not put under financial pressure on the family.  Types of hardships include: Sudden loss in household income, death/disability of a family member, major unforeseen repairs or breakdowns, major medical, student hardships etc..   Only families enrolled and active in the long term Financial Literacy program are eligible to utilize the fund.


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