Build Wealth MN, Inc (BWM) is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency and our primary mission is to “Strengthen Underserved Communities by Empowering Families to Build Sustainable Social and Economic Wealth”.

Build Wealth MN in partnership with private, state and local government, foundations and other social service providers and organizations;
focuses on helping to change the mindset of communities facing challenges caused by current economic conditions and other factors that fuel poverty in our neighborhoods.

* Certified Foreclosure Counseling Agency
* Certified Pre-Purchase Counseling Agency
* Certified Financial Literacy® Education Provider
* Certified Homebuyer Education Provider

Families with low to moderate incomes residing in underserved communities must contend with higher prices for almost everything including food, housing, gas, insurance and other necessities. Economic pressures are de-stabilizing our communities and families are falling further and further behind; in some instances with just meeting basic needs. When families are not financially stable, all aspects of life and community can be impacted.

The goal of the programming is through relationship building and the use of years of experience; to help families embrace a new approach regarding giving, spending, saving, banking, investing and creating generational wealth instead of generational poverty. This is being facilitated in a collaborative effort of providing outreach to help families gain access to resources and lower the cost of money in these communities.


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