Credit Awareness Training & Education:

Families are enrolled in the 8 hours credit enrichment program "Credit Smart". The Freddie Mac designed curriculum includes training in an array of subjects from the importance of credit to establishing good credit rating to learning debt reduction negotiation techniques.

Credit Mending:

Participants will be provided with one on one case management to begin the process of updating and correcting negative information in the credit files held by the three primary repositories. In this process credit file management will be encouraged and settlement offers developed on secured and unsecured debt.

Credit Rebuilding and Healthy Credit Usage (Soar):
“Spending Our Assets Responsibly”

Provides a strong basis for monitoring spending habits and placing limits on specific types of spending that can keep a family on track while strengthing their credibility. The objective is to use specific credit cards for spending in the following areas:

    • Transportation
    • Utilities
    • Food and Incidentals
    • Discretionary Spending
These cards are tied to automatic bi-weekly bill pay to increase credit scores while providing consistent statements to track spending patterns.


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