Mission & Vision:

Our Mission is to “Strengthen communities by empowering families to build wealth through economic development.”

The Vision of Build Wealth, MN, Inc. is to utilize public, private and foundational resources to develop and provide programs and services that will empower individuals, families and communities to embrace a new way of viewing their lives in the area of Financial Literacy, Debt Reduction, minimizing the cost of money and wealth creation for generations to come.

Organizational Overview:

Build Wealth, MN, Inc.’s programs and services are targeted to low to moderate-income families. The emphasis is placed on those in the “emerging markets and under served communities.  Current market conditions have made it difficult and costly for these populations.

Circumstances caused by the housing industry crisis; credit restraints, sub-prime & predatory lending practice and the rapidly increasing market of costly easily attainable credit such as title & pay day loans, check cashing centers, wire transfer services and various other products have added to the onslaught of poverty on these communities.

Studies show that the number one cause of divorce and the weakening of the family structure are directly related to money and finances.  This has resulted in the deterioration of many neighborhoods and in more and more cases the dismantling of family.

Although there are several existing and emerging programs, products and services available to combat this; BWM has found that access to, marketing of, and the acknowledgment of the existence of these resources by its target group has been historically challenging.

BWM is taking a long-term holistic approach to providing support to families in these neighborhoods. The organization will directly provide and align resources and added access in four areas to help strengthen families and revitalize communities:

  • Culturally Sensitive Financial Products & Services

  • Financial Literacy, Budgeting & Counseling Programming

  • Sustainable Affordable Housing

  • Residential & Commercial Development


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